US trade show constructions

Yes we can! The increased demand and the desire of our customers to perform in the USA as an exhibitor has motivated us to found "Müller International Exhibit Services" based in Florida, USA. Therefor it is made easier for German and European customers to carry out intercontinental trade fairs in the USA.

Mueller International Exhibit Services Inc. aktiv in USA

Beside San Francisco (SEMICON West), we were already working for our customers in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Orlando, Washington, Chicago and many other exhibition venues in the United States.

The big and the small differences

Participation of trade shows in the USA can't be compared with exhibitions in Europe or other countries around the world.  Unplanned high costs or even closures of stands can be possible.  We would like to point out some of the main difficulties:

  • Very short set up times, even with larger fairs.  
  • Exhibition stands in the USA can often be built only by Union workers. Therefore every working hour is calculated very expensive.
  • The load has to be packed and signed according to the regulations. It is not possible to move the load in the exhibition hall (Drayage: Delivery and collection of exhibition goods from the hall door to the exhibition space, collection and storage of packaging / boxes during the show. The price for this is about $ 1,000 for a 100 sq ft booth. The calculation is based on weight.)
  • Each fair has its detailed rules and peculiarities (freight, electricity, stand cleaning, furniture rental, etc.).

To make your trade fair successful and at controlled costs despite these many peculiarities, we support you with our experience and the appropriate preparation.

We reduce your costs by:

  • The use of lightweight materials to reduce the cost of drayage.
  • The complete pre-assembly of the exhibition stand in our workshop in Orlando, numbering all of the components we can reduce time and thus the costs of the union workers.

The benefit is evident: German planning and project management, reducing costs, smooth operations, simple, purposeful and productive communication. Besides we can offer familiar stand planning or identical state structure as in Germany / Europe.

The perfect local support clears the way "over the pond". So you can say: "Yes we can!"