Certification by Famab

Mueller International Services Inc. certification by Famab

Our company was awarded the certificate “Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB” on 15.02.2013.

In order to receive this verification of our sustainable work at the company, we have undergone a certification process with the independent service providers CO2OL and Viabono. The certification process is completed based on criteria that we have developed in a working group. This group consisted of partner company’s and sustainability experts was initiated by FAMAB, Verband Direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation e.V. It was important for all involved, to develop a sector-specific certification that created the incentives for improving work processes in the company.

This was achieved with the certificate and we are proud of the fact that we are one of the first holders of this verification of our sustainable business practices. The customers can be sure, that our productions are of high quality and additional the stands are realized with a sustainable concept.

Environmental awareness and ecological sustainability in the building of trade show stands are among the fundamental principles a key point at Müller Messebau GmbH. This philosophy is implemented in almost every area of a stand construction project and can be optimized through appropriate measures.


Waste avoidance

Waste avoidance by Mueller International Services Inc.

Even from the early stage of planning a trade show stand, it is possible to avoid waste. We pay attention in the selection of materials, regarding the reusability and to avoid composite materials. Packaging materials get used over and over again – at least several times. Stand construction elements are designed to be used more than once. Floor coverings have to be removable (e.g. wood or laminate) or recyclable (carpeting). If paint has to be used, we take products free of solvents as far as possible. We largely avoid using any plastic film. In case any waste does get produced, it is brought into the appropriate recycling processes.



We reduce our CO2 emissions with careful planning of the transport (personnel and material)

Vehicles are managed, to avoid empty loads and repeat journeys, even the routes are efficiently selected. Our employees are trained and made aware of the need to drive in a defensive, fuel-efficient manner. The fitting teams and project managers predominantly travel by train. We provide staff who come to work by public transport, with an annual season ticket for the local public transport network.

Müller Messebau GmbH is conscious of its ecological responsibility, both on our own behalf and that of our clients. Therefore we are constantly on the lookout for solutions that make stand construction more sustainable.