Will the development department have the new product ready on time? Will marketing be on time with the sales materials? And are there enough hotel rooms for the trade show team? Exhibiting at a trade show is always an exciting time for companies.

Giving you the gift of time

As a trade show construction specialist, our goal is to make your custom trade show exhibit as easy and relaxing as possible. We take care of all design, technical and organizational tasks for you. You gain valuable time for your core business thanks to our clear project workflow and reliable implementation.

Getting you to the goal

We maintain close and intensive communication with our clients: We will work with you to identify your individual trade show goals and develop a customized concept for your trade show booth that can be used anywhere in the world. That is why our service promise is "always tailored".

How your custom booth is created

One-on-one consulting

To make your trade show strategy a success, we work with you on two levels:
Strategically, we work with you to develop your individual trade show objectives and propose communication concepts that will enable you to effectively reach your customers.
Operationally, we prepare your booth down to the smallest detail. Our claim is: When you assemble your products, we will have drilled the holes in the right places.

"We clearly state what is a good idea and what is a bad idea. Our customers appreciate that about us."
Matthias Glaser, Management

Tailored booth concept

We will develop a booth that is customized for your company. Nevertheless, you will find a common thread running through all our trade show booths: We emphasize a minimalistic design with simple shapes and clean lines.
There is a good reason for this: The focus should be on your products and messages, not on our booth. We set the stage with wood, metal and light, and create statements and moods with upholstery fabrics and refined finishes.

High-quality implementation

This is where our specialists get to work: They coordinate all the details with trade show management, build the furniture and booth elements, organize the transport and set up your booth on site.
Our precise planning speeds up the construction process considerably: By prefabricating many components, we save valuable time on site, and clear coordination eliminates misunderstandings. This allows us to hand over your booth with peace of mind.

"Long-standing customers often do not insist on a formal handover. This saves time.”
Gudrun Kintzel, Project Management

Sustainability made to order

Sustainability in exhibit construction is not only good for the environment, but also your budget. That is why when planning your trade show activities and developing your booth concept, we make sure that we can reuse as many elements as possible at other trade shows and in other countries. We store the reusable elements for you and shine them up before your next show.

"It pays to be sustainable – for the environment and for your budget".
Leonhard Richter, Production and Warehouse Manager

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the booth you want. That is why our advertising agency will be happy to take care of the graphic design of your trade show booth as well as your corporate design. Thanks to our subsidiary in Germany and our international network, we can make trade show appearances a reality for you anywhere in the world.

Custom options

Tailored exhibition booths worldwide

Many companies serve global markets. That is why it is important to be visible and connect with customers worldwide.

At Müller International Exhibit Services, we design our booths for international exhibitions and manage trade show appearances for you worldwide. For you, this means a single, German-speaking point of contact for all of your trade show needs. You can have confidence in our track record of quality.

More about our international offerings

"Take the leap across the Atlantic! We are right here for you."
Erik Keever, Project Manager for International Business

Custom graphics design

Trade show design is more than just the design of a booth. Images, graphics, and text also go a long way toward making your company stand out. With our in-house agency, we can adapt your existing corporate design to your booth or develop an entirely new look for your company – complete with logo, colors and imagery.

This way, your booth and graphics are perfectly coordinated, eliminating coordination problems and saving valuable time.

Please feel free to contact us.

Matthias Glaser
Managing Director, Design, Planning, Project Management
Daniel Spatz
Managing Director, Technical Project and Construction Management
Erik Keever
Erik Keever
Project Management International Business