Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH

Cultivate, 2023, Columbus, 36 sqm

"To be clearly recognizable, even from a distance" was the design request that we received from the substrate specialist Klasmann-Deilmann. At a trade fair in Europe, we would have suggested a ceiling hanger – but in the USA, and in the northern regions, using a hanging banner would have disproportionatlely driven up the overall costs of the booth. That is why we proposed a very simple, yet also very effective design: the attention-drawing main element iof a central pillar. A central pillar not only serves as a standing closet area, but it also supports the surrounding frame, which ensures good visibility from afar. When a customer is surprised by some of the US Trade Fair pricing conditions or labor costs but requires visibility and noticability, a central pillar is a less expensive but effective alternative to a hanging banner.

By the way: Mueller International has already proposed and implemented another trade fair concept for Klasmann-Deilmann in the United States with a similarly good price-consciousness to attention-grabbing ratio!

> Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH, Cultivate, 2022, Columbus, 36 sqm