HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH

NRF Retail's Big Show, 2023, New York, 36 sqm

Hella Aglaia is a company that specializes in sensors for trains and buses. Cameras and special software record the number of passengers very precisely; additionally, the sensors also increase comfort and safety by monitoring air and environment. At the booth in New York, Müller was supposed to demonstrate that the Hella Aglaia camera sensors can also perform in tall vehicles. We were happy to take on this challenge, and we built a stand that simulated a room height of almost 5 meters. Visitors were able to witness for themselves the accurate performance of people sensing on site, and they were able to see how the sensors monitored the hall’s crowds.

By the way: This was the second stand that we were allowed to realize for Hella Aglaia in the USA. You can view the first Müller-Hella stand here:

> HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision, APTA Expo, 2021, Orlando