Anthura B.V.

TPIE, 2024, Fort Lauderdale, 36 sqm

As stand builders, we rely on a minimalist design with simple shapes and clear lines. After all, the focus should not be on our booth construction, but on our customers' products and messages. Anthura B. V. makes it particularly easy for us in this respect:

As one of the world's largest growers of anthuriums and orchids, the Dutch company brings along the most beautiful and colorful stand elements itself. We create the perfect setting for this: Our stand construction frames the meeting area and is the focal point for our client's logo, key image and verbal value proposition. It also carries the lighting technology with which we illuminate the sea of flowers.

With this concept, we generated a lot of attention with a very simple stand - and with a manageable budget in the demanding trade fair country of the USA.