Make an impression!
With the graphics services of our agency.

A unique and consistently applied appearance is the key to successful corporate communications. This is particularly true for the planning of trade fair appearances. Where thousands of advertising impulses flow simultaneously to the visitors, it is very important to be widely recognizable and to stick out from the crowd.

In our in-house agency, graphic and media designers create all the materials you need for a successful trade fair presence:

  • We will design picture elements, graphics and texts for your stand in the existing corporate design of your company.
  • We develop logos for your company, define image worlds and propose colors and fonts for your unique appearance.
  • We take care of the production - whether it is films, textiles, back-lit images or three-dimensional objects.
  • We take care of the design of all the promotion, you need before and during the trade fair - advertisements, trade fair invitations, giveaways, flyers, brochures and rollups.

The advantages for you are obvious:

  • The construction and the graphic appearance of the stand are optimally coordinated and ensure a distinctive trade fair appearance of your company.
  • Through the close cooperation of our departments, you avoid coordination problems and save valuable time.
  • Since we carry out all tasks in our workshop or with local suppliers, we can also realize almost all your wishes within the short term.