Project category: European Exhibiton booth

Barnes Group Inc., K Düsseldorf, Germany, 300 sqm

We already created a whole series of trade show appearances for both, Otto Männer GmbH in Germany as well as Otto Maenner GmbH in the USA. This year the requirements where even more challenging: A community booth had to be developed for not only Otto Maenner but also two more specialists in the synthetic material field of the parent company Barnes Group Inc. This booth should show the differences as well as the similarities between the three companies equally. Our solution was as clear as simple: A ribbon held in the dark blue of the Barnes Group builds a bracket all over the booth. Only underneath the corporate design of the three subsidiaries Thermoplay, Synventive and Maenner comes into an effect. The custom built counters and showcases reflect the quality requirements of these three companies as well as our production capability as an exhibition house.

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