We redefine virtual displays!


We redefine virtual tradeshow booths!

As a stand builder we design rooms, in which visitors can explore things – with colors, with light and architecture. That applies to real-life events, but even more so to virtual trade shows. With the possibilities of computer generated 3D- graphics we design virtual rooms, in which guests can move freely and can look around – just like at a real trade show, just with a mouse, keyboard and browser from your desk instead.

As a reference we want to invite you to the booth we designed for our german customer Testo at the show ISH digital 2021:

You start with the in-house produced Intromovie in birds-eye view and fly directly towards the facility of Testo, which stands in Titisee-Neustadt in the black forest in real-life. In the lobby you will be welcomed by two employees and get introduced into and familiarized with the controls. After that you can, just like in a 3D game, explore the exhibition and interact with products and media. The virtual foyer is recreated after the architecture of the Testo-Worls at the headquarters of the company. There you’ll find a screen for example, on which you can follow live streams, you can learn about products and technologies through short animations and lastly you can get in touch with an employee of Testo.

For the realization of the digital trade show booths we created our own runtime environment on the basis of the 3D-engine unity - and that for a good reason: “We saw many solutions that called themselves ,digital trade shows’”, managing director Matthias Glaser explains. “But those were mostly static websites or panoramas, in which you could only have a look around. As a stand builder we of course want to give our customers a real trade show feeling – with all the mobility and interaction possibilities.”

Come on in!

With us you create your digital trade show appearance – always one of a kind and built after your wishes and requirements, also usable far away from trade show dates. Which world can we create for you? Give us a call!

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