ystral gmbh maschinenbau + processtechnik

American Coating Show, 2024, Indianapolis, 18 sqm

Ystral is a technology leader with its dispersing systems for mixing liquids and solid particles. As a result, the company is expanding its activities and taking advantage of trade shows around the world to attract new customers and foray into new business areas.

We designed Ystral's first trade show booth in the USA, which features the company’s innovative strength as a motif: On the backlit back wall we show the current top product for powder wetting and use a confident headline, pictograms and info texts to highlight the numerous advantages. And to give customers in the United States a full sense of what the technology is capable of, we also set up the actual system at the booth.

By the way: Ystral's core technology is shown in the small exhibit on the right. Because of its importance in the mixing process, it is shown on its own pedestal.

We have already designed these booths for trade shows in Europe:

ystral gmbH maschinenbau + processtechnik, POWTECH, 2022, Nuremberg
ystral gmbH maschinenbau + processtechnik, Battery Show Europe, 2021, Stuttgart