Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH

Cultivate, 2022, Columbus, 36 sqm

Because of the unique conditions, tradeshow booths in the USA are always more expensive then comparable appearances in Europe. That’s why our goal is to plan as easy and cost efficient as possible for our clients. For the substrate specialists from Klasmann-Deilmann we created a booth that is built of 3 large, preinstalled elements. Simultaneously the lit ceiling structure highlights the plants and products perfectly and creates a great long-distance effect. For the current campaign we only swapped the graphics out and added an additional elemt with the grow house – and created a new, fresh appearance. That’s what we call organic development.

By the way: If you want to see the difference, here is the booth from the last campaign. And Klasmann-Deilmann was represented with this design in Europe as well. You can see the Version from Amsterdam here.